Bwt Sand Filter Pump Ppf65/8000

2 039,00


Efficient sand filter pump with a polyethylene sand filter, with great water purification abilities and performance. A sand filter pump which is part of a complete series of sand filter pumps for all needs. Robust and reliable, combining high performance with low annual operating costs. The clean and compact design makes them ideal for basins and pools mounted both over ground and in the ground.Specifications: BWT sand filter pump PPF65 / 8000 Filtration capacity: 8 m³ / h Valves: 6-way Outer diameter: 476 mm Recommended pool size: 45-55 m³ Amount of sand: 50/60 kg Power: 500 W Dimensions: 79.5 x 53.5 x 63Weight: 18 kgPlease note that all BWT pool products can only be supplied with an English manual.

Chemia i akcesoria basenowe

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